Painful Signs That You’re Wasting Time In A One- Sided Relationship


Painful Signs That You’re Wasting Time In A One- Sided Relationship

Do you love someone with all your heart? Are you in going through a painful one sided relationship? How to deal with all the pain of one-sided relationship? Is it wise enough to stay in such a relationship? Do such questions keep coming to your mind again and again? is here to help you know that you are simply wasting your time being in a one- sided relationship. Do you want to find out all the answers related to this important painful phase you go through? All you need to do is to keep reading and keep exploring.

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Painful Signs That You're Wasting Time In A One Sided Relationship

Signs You Are In A Painful One- Sided Relationship.

When you are in such a relationship it is very difficult to accept that you are not loved by the person you love so much and value so much. It takes time to sink in such a thought in mind. Moreover, there comes a time when your mind accepts the reality but you still keep some hope in your heart. All we can say that you are simply wasting your precious time by waiting for some to happen. It is always better to move on in life.

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  1. Ignores You:
    If the man you love ignores you when ever you are around him. It is time to accept that he is not in love with you. No matter what your heart says the reality will not change. He is not in love with you. It is you and your feelings for him makes you think that he too likes you.

2. You Are Not In His Priority List:
Another sign which you get to notice so often but your heart is not ready to accept it. It is truth that he keeps you last in his priority list. He does not give you the same importance to you as you give him in your life. This shows that you are just allowing yourself to be in a painful relationship intentionally.

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3. Not More Than A Friend:
Sometimes it is not the fault of  the person you think likes you. But it is mere fault of your feelings which do not allow you to accept the fact that the other person is not in love with you. It is very difficult to accept the truth you are no more than a friend to him.

Thus, it is better to give up such painful relationship and move on in life.