How Can a Woman, Woo the Man?


How Can a Woman, Woo the Man?

Many women have their heart set on a man but are unaware how they should approach him or how to attract his attention. Most often, he only becomes a fancy story they narrate when they meet their gal pals. It’s not very difficult for a woman to attract a man’s attention, if she is confident and funny.

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How can a woman, woo the man

Here are some ways he will fall head over heels for you!

  1. Stay wow

The first and most essential thing is that a woman should always try to look her best. Not noticing a well dressed and fabulous woman is something a man can never do. Trying out different hair styles and accessorizing with the right sized dresses will make you outshine. Make sure your shoes go with your dress. Always make sure you smell amazing.  It’s important to keep touching up on your make up every now and then, to look and active and fresh always. Most important of all, wear a smile and flash those pearly whites!

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  1. Independent

Nothing attracts a man more than a lady who is independent and can take care of herself. Nobody likes a person who is dependent on others for small things, or constantly on phone with her friends or needs someone to pick and drop her each day. A lady, who can manage her personal life, professional life, social life and manage to stay fit all at the same time, will never be devoid of charming men swooning over her.

  1. Conversation Czarina

Any woman no matter how beautiful cannot get anywhere with men if she can’t strike a conversation and hold it for some time. Learn the tricks of striking a conversation and maintaining it. It is not as difficult as it might seem. Men adore upfront and non-fussy women. If you are funny, you have struck gold. Shed the ego and strike a conversation with him. It’s important that you show him what you got, when it comes to wit and words.

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  1. Be enigmatic

Don’t be a blabbering belle. You might want to tell him all about your life, parents and grandparents the very first time he starts talking to you. But hold your horses there! Don’t get carried away. Going on your own trip will only put him off. It is best to say some and keep some to yourself. If a woman is mysterious and enigmatic, men are easily attracted to her as they love to chase such women. So be calm and give him reasons to chase you, rather than pushing away by spilling it all out quickly. Flirting back occasionally will make him to keep you in his mind.

  1. Watch the body language

You might be dressed to perfection, but it wouldn’t work for you unless your body language is right. Walk with your head held high. Have a firm handshake. Always surround yourself by people. Be attentive and aware of your surroundings. Don’t cross your arms or fold them while talking to him. It can give the vibe that you are holding back things and aren’t being open. It can make a situation uncomfortable and unpleasant.

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  1. Don’t wait too long

Women mostly think that a man should make the first step in pursuing her. It is not always right. Always know that your time is important and you cannot wait months and months for the guy you like to pursue. If you are doing everything right and he is still not approaching you, there must be something you don’t know. Hence, you must make the first move if required, for all you know he must be having a hard time in personal life or must be already dating someone. It’s better to approach him and know where he is at.

If he reciprocates to you, then you are in luck and if he doesn’t then, dear lady, it’s just his bad luck!

What is your take on how women can woo the man they like? Men, feel free to tell us what would make a woman stand apart in your eyes.