Abusive Relationship: It’s Time To Say No


Abusive Relationship: It’s Time To Say No

Its high Time when Women need to learn to say ‘No’ to Abusive Relationship. No one in this world has the right to make you feel small. Time has come when you Should Say No and save yourself from such a Relationship. Women prefer to stay in a abusive relationship. Staying in such a relationship with someone makes them suffer all through their life. You need to understand that staying in such a relationship would yield you nothing. Still there are women who prefer to stay in a bad relationship. LikeLoveQuotes.com brings to you reasons Why Women Stay in a Abusive Relationship.

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Abusive Relationship It's Time To Say No

Why Women Prefer Stay in a Abusive Relationship?

No matter what they have to go through in such a relationship. They still choose to stay in a bad relationship. There is no one reason that makes women stay in a bad relationship. Following are the Reasons which makes women tolerate the oppression (ABUSE) of the oppressor (MEN).

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Society is the root cause which make the women stay in such a relationship. Women believe that if they will call off their relationship, they will form a bad image in the eyes of the people. Just to save themselves from getting into bad light, women prefer to stay in such relationships.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself:
When you think that you can’t deserve something better makes you a slave in your relationship. Usually women think that their Partner is the Best Thing that has ever happened to Them. Such thoughts makes you think that your partner is the Only one for you. Therefore, you should never Underestimate yourself in life.

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Fear of Being Alone:
The fear of being Alone can also be on the reasons that make them stay in an abusive relationship. Women fear that breaking up with their partner, will make them lead a life of a Loner once again. The fear of losing him makes a woman live in a bad relationship.

Family Pressures:
Family pressure can also be one of the main reason that makes a woman stay in an abusive relationship. In order save their image from getting ruined in the society, family members too try to Stop them from getting out of it.

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Love Is Love:
A woman can tolerate anything when She loves Someone Truly. The feeling of Love makes them blind completely. This feeling makes them ignore all the wrong that is done to them.

Thus, we too believe that One is Loved because One is Loved, there is no reason to be Loved. But this does not mean that You should ignore all the wrong that is done to You. Silence is Golden but not Always. Women need to learn to speak for themselves. Therefore, It’s Time to Say NO to Abusive Relationship.