10 Attractive Things that Men do Without Knowing about it


10 Attractive Things that Men do Without Knowing about it

Men always try’s different things to impress their ladies. Sometimes they fail to do it and it may even end up being a funny story. But there are some things that men do without the intention of impressing or attracting a lady, can actually be quite charming for the women. Some normal stuff that is just routine or regular for men can be endearing for a woman. [ Read: Reasons Why Women Don’t Admit To Watching Porn]

10 Attractive Things that Men do Without Knowing about it

A few things that men do which can be really attractive for the ladies are:

  1. When they do household work

Watching a man do household chores like cooking, laundry or dish washing can be quite fascinating for a woman. Seeing them engrossed in work can be quite cute and also a stress reliever. Seeing them pick up groceries or change the curtains can be quite attractive too. [ Read: 10 Common Insecurities of Guys That Women Don’t Realize


  1. While taking care of kids

Nothing is cuter than a man being responsible and caring towards children or babies. The guys, who love children and who could handle them well, always get more brownie points than men who can’t stand to be around kids. Watching a man play with kids or taking them out is very endearing.

  1. Singing away

Some men might sing away or start humming while reading a newspaper or watching television comfortably unaware of who else is around them. It can be quite attractive and funny for the ladies to watch their guy lost in his own sweet world of songs and hymns. [ Read: What You can do When Your #Men LIE to You ]

  1. When they are protective

When guys are protective for their girlfriends or mothers, it is just adorable. It shows that he can stand up for his ladies if ever required. Backing her up when required and leading her when she falls, is the kind of prince that every girl dreams of.

  1. If they are smitten

When a guy is totally smitten or head over heels for a girl, it is quite endearing. All the girls around him will go ‘aww’ seeing him completely crazy for that one woman. Women are insanely attracted to a guy who is ready to make a fool of him just for her. [ Read: What to do if I Like Someone Who’s Already Taken? ]

  1. Pick a fight for you

This one might be a little exaggerated but some men often get in fights with other men trying to hit on their girls. Although it can be quite silly if over done, it is very attractive when a guy is actually ready to pick up a fight with someone trying to harm you or irritate you.

  1. Public Display of affection

Public display of affection is not easy and not all men can do it comfortably. But if a guy can show off his affection for you in public, it will definitely make you all gaga over him. It can be quite romantic and attractive to see a man confessing his affection in public for his lady without a second thought. [ Read: How to Stroke Your Mans Ego when He is Feeling Down]

  1. Playing with the dog

Dogs are men’s best friends. Men love taking dogs for walks or taking care of them. Watching a man play with his dog or take care of it can be pretty attractive to a girl.

  1. When they take care of the electronics

Sometimes the electronics like the laptop, phone, tablet or the television can fall apart. And women might not always know their way around that stuff. If the men can fix their electronics in a few minutes, it leaves the women charmed and enchanted. [ Read: What Younger Women don’t Understand about Dating an Older Man]

10.   When they drive her around

It is quite appealing to see your boyfriend driving you around or taking you to new places in his swanky car or bike. Girls like a man who knows his way around the road and loves a smooth driver.

What are the other things that you find very attractive about your boyfriend? Do tell us in the comments section.